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آموزش زبان انگلیسی

سوالات نهایی و داخلی درس زبان انگلیسی دبیرستان

نمونه سوالات چهار گزینه ای سال اول دبیرستان

نمونه سوالات چهار گزینه ای سال اول دبیرستان از همکار محترمه خانم شاکری  از خوانسار

درس اول


1- Reza is 10 years old. When he was a little boy  he ---------   ride his bicycle

a) must                       b)couldn’t              c)hadn’t           d)shouldn’t

2- They ---------------- do their home work yesterday.

a)could                        b)will                     c)should          d)can

3- I’m very tired today . I ------------  go to bed now .

a)should                       b)may                    c)could           d)had to

4- Ali was late for class . He -------------  see the teacher last night .

a)had to                       b)have to               c)must             d)has to

5- Kindergarten is a German -------------  . It means children’s garden

a)word                         b)number               c).color           d)word

6- How much money did you ------------  for the book ?

a) pass                          b)push                    c) pick           d)pay

7- This man is not from our --------------  . He speaks English.

a)city                           b)country               c)village         d)town

8- The student should pay mush money ----------- the book to the man.

a) to                              b)for                       c)on               d)about

9- Could you play football before ? No , I ---------------

a)could                         b)mustn’t                 c)can’t           d)couldn’t

10- Which word has the sound /ai / ?

a)has to                         b)drive                    c)with            d)sit

11- He ------------  wash his car alone because nobody helped him.

a)has to                        b)had to                   c)must            d)should             

 12- Mohsen ----------- study hard to pass the University Entrance Exam last month .

a)had to                         b)has to                   c)must            d)should

13- Mr. Brown loves his grandson very much . “ love “ is the antonym of…...

a)hate                            b)heat                      c)hide              d)hold

14- I can’t remember my friend’s name . The antonym of “ remember “ is …….

a)desire                        b)excuse                     c)forget           d)recall

15- Children should have books with pretty pictures . “pretty “ is the opposite of -------------- .

a)heavy                        b) ugly                        c)funny            d)tiny


درس دوم

1-w ---------- is it from school to your house ?

a)long                    b)much             c)far             d)many

2- Is ------------snowing ?

a)there                    b)this                c)it               d)that

3- Is ------------ time to leave the class ?

a)it                         b) that                c)there         d)this

4- It is difficult ------------ a coconut tree .

a)climb                  b)climbing          c)climbs      d)to climb

5- Ashcan should ----------- French .

a)to learn                b)learning           c)learns       d)learn

6- Gardeners pick fruits when they are ----------

a)green                   b)ripe                   c)black        d)beautiful

7- The green coconut must -----------  on the tree longer .

a)pick                     b)get                     c)drop         d)stay

8- Children like to see monkeys because they are ---------.

a)funny                   b)heavy                c) happy       d) angry

9- When Nasrin is studying her lesson , she likes to be alone.

This sentence means that she ---------- . 

a)always likes to be alone                b)does not like anybody

c)sometimes likes to be alone          d)never likes to alone

10- Which word has the sound /u / ?

a)book                    b)put                     c)tool            d)good

11- “Where’s your friend from ? “

“---------- “

a)he’s a doctor                                   b)he’s at home

c)he’s German                                   d)he’s just fine

 12- Farmers raise plants and vegetables .

“ Raise “ means ------------- .

a)grow                   b) keep                 c) need           d) sell

13- The word  “ --------- “ has a different vowel sound from the

other there .

a) fool                    b) room                 c) soon           d) wood

14- Monkeys are called farmhands because they ---------- pick

coconuts from the top of the tall trees .

a)should                 b)must                 c)have to          d)can

15- “What’s the date on Thursday ?”

“--------- “

a)it’s the tenth                                    b)That’s too bad

c)Twice a month                                d)Two weeks ago



آزمون درس سوم


بهترين گزينه را انتخاب كنيد .                                                              

1-mir is ----------  Reza .

a)as taller as            b)as tall          c)as tall as      d)as tallest as

2- My bicycle is as -----------  as your bicycle .

a)good                      b)quickly       c)well             d)slowly

3- German is as ----------- English .  .

a)more difficult from                      b)most difficult then

c)more difficult than                       d)the more difficult

4- We usually --------- fruits when they are ripe .

a)drop                     b)raise             c)pick             d)grow

5- “Do you remember her name “ ? – No , I’m sorry . “ I-------- names soon . “

a)receive                   b)change         c)forget          d)find

6- These problems aren’t easy for us . We can’t ---------- them.

a)grow                      b)understand     c)leave         d)raise

7- He was standing --------- the fire .

a)to                           b)by                   c)under         d)in

8- Few men of that time were greater than Newton . “Few “

means :

a))some                    b)not many         c)many          d)any


آزمون درس چهارم


بهترين گزينه را انتخاب كنيد .                                                          

1Ali’s pen is ------------ than Amir’s pen .

a)good              b)well             c)best                d) better

2- Pari is happy because she has --------- friends here .

a)much             b)little             c)a lot                d)many

3- This story is --------- story in the book .

a)most interesting                    b)the more interesting

c)the interesting                       d)the most interesting


4- Is today the ----------- day in your life ? – Yes , it is .

a)better              b)bad               c)worse            d)worst

5- Amir told a funny joke and everyone --------- a lot .

a)lost                 b)died              c)cried              d)laughed

6- We cannot go to the party if the snow is too --------- .

a)down              b)nice               c)deep              d)thin

7- Accident are usually caused by ---------- drivers .

a)careful            b) careless        c)slow               d) kind

8- A : May I use your bicycle ?

B: ------------------- .

a)Yes , of course . Help your self .   b)Sorry , I need it now .

c)Oh , never mind                             d) Thank you very much .

9- It is fun for the students to go to school on a snowplow . It means that  -------------------- .

a) most students go to school by a snowplow .

b) the snowplow cleans the road .

c)the students like to go to school by a snowplow

d) the snowplow didn’t come on time

10- Which word doesn’t have the sound /I / ?

a) ship                b)live                 c) eat               d) hit

11- Mordad is usually the ----------- month of the your in Iran .

a)wettest             b)mildest           c) coldest         d) hottest

 12- I can’t read what John has written , he has the ---------------handwriting in the class .

a) best                 b) least              c)most              d)worst

13- A: “ May I use your car ? “

       B: “ Sorry . I need it right now . “

       A : “ ----------------- “

a)Oh , never mind                         b)Oh , not at all

c)Thanks so much                         d)You’re welcome                        

14- No wonder she feels ------------ this morning . Her brother is coming back from England .

a)happy         b) happily       c) more happily     d) most happily

15- Our teacher thinks Mehri students -------------- the other students .

a)most carefully                                b) most careful

c) more careful then                          d) more carefully than                                                

آزمون درس پنجم


بهترين گزينه را انتخاب كنيد .                                                                     

1We wrote the sentences ----------- .

a)last night easily here                           b)easily last night here

c)here easily last night                           d)easily here last might

2- --------------- helped you with your homework ?

My brother helped me with my homework .

a)      When                b)Who            c) Where            d) Whose

3- Which sentence is correct ?

a)Does he do always his homework carefully ?

b) Does he always do his homework carefully ?

c) Does he always do carefully his homework ?

d)Does he always his homework do carefully ?

4- Reza sat at a table and ------------- a sandwich .

a)order                  b)orders          c)ordered            d)will order

5- A person who sells meat is a ------------ .

a)baker                  b)farmer         c)butcher             d)teacher

6- He went to a -------------- and ordered some mushrooms .

a)farms                  b)school         c)restaurant          d)factory


7- When Behrooz came in , I Was ------------ a picture .

a)growing              b)riding          c)drawing           d)moving

8- Someone who cooks is a ------------- .

a)farmer                b)baker            c)butcher              d)dentist

9- I have one brother and one sister . My sister doesn’t have any sisters . My parents have -------------- .

a)two daughters and one son            b)one daughter and two sons

c)one daughter and one son             d)two sons and two daughters

10- Which word has the sound /u / ?

a) good                  b) two               c) who                 d) true

11- “ Does Ali always come to class early ? “

“ Yes , he does . He’s ----------- late . “

a) never                 b) often              c) sometimes      d) usually

12- It was so foggy yesterday morning that drivers could ----------     

 see in front of them .

a) hardly                b) clearly           c) finally             d) quietly

 13- Amir studies his lesson as ------------ as Omid and Behrooz .

a)hardest              b) harder               c) hardly             d) har

14-Ashkan works very ---------- .

a)good                  b) quick                c) hard                 d) slow

15-Which sentence is wrong ?

a) I never drink tea in the morning .

b) Arash does his homework careful .

c) Ali runs fast in the park .

d)We often see him at school .


آزمون درس ششم

بهترين گرينه را انتخاب كنيد .                                                                   

1You went to the bookshop to buy some books , ------------- ?

 a) weren’t you      b) didn’t you      c)don’t you      d)did you

2- You will go to the cinema tomorrow might , ------------ ?

a) will you             b) do you            c) don’t you     d) won’t you

3- You are tired , ------------ ?

a)don’t                   b)are you            c)do you           d)aren’t you

4- They closed the shop , ------------ they ?

a) don’t                  b) did                  c) do                 d) didn’t

5- Ali seldom late , ------------ ?

a) does he              b) doesn’t he       c)he does          d) didn’t he

6- What color is your father’s hair ? - ------------ black hair .

a) He’s got            b)He got            c)He gets          d)He is getting

7- Water turns into ----------- when it is very hot .

a) ice                     b) smoke            c) fire                   d) steam

8- The little girl ------------ her hand when she touched the hot kettle .

a)boiled                  b)burned            c)built                  d)cooked

9- What does he look like ?

a)He weighs about 60 kilos .             b)He is twenty one .

c)He’s quite good looking .               d)He lives in Tehran .

10- Which word has the sound /ei / ?

a)let                        b)men                 c)take                   d)red

11- James’ grandmother said , “ The fire turns the water into steam . “ “ Turn into “ means ----------- .

a)die out                 b)change into      c)go to               d)make not

12- The police never found the money stolen in the robbery , ………….?

a)didn’t he             b)did he               c)didn’t they      d)did day


13- The word “ --------- “ differs in its vowel sound from the other three .

a)hate                     b)paid                  c)rate                  d)said

14- Your English teacher never speaks Persian in class , ----------- he ?

a)does                   b)doesn’t         c)is                     d)isn’t



آزمون درس هفتم


بهترين گزينه را انتخاب كنيد .                                                                                         

I believe that ------------- tomorrow .

 a) come               b) he come           c) he will come     d) came

2- I think that he ------------- on Sina Street .

a)living                b) lives                  c) live             d) were living

3- They guess that Ahmad ----------- late .

a) to come            b) come                c) coming           d) will come

4- Will you --------- off the radio , please ?

a) turning             b) turn                   c) turned             d) to turn

5- When spring ----------- , the birds will fly back again .

a) will come         b) came                 c) come               d) comes

6- A lot of  birds --------- to the south in winter .

a) migrate             b) stay                   c) stop                 d) sleep

7- --------------- is the first season of the year , isn’t it .

a) Winter              b) Summer            c) Autumn           d) Spring

8- Birds don’t have --------------- , but they don’t get lost .

a) homes              b) maps                  c) clocks              d) pictures

9- It is not important to tell him everything .

     Some of them should be kept as a secret .

a) Don’t tell everything to him .      b) Don’t speak with him at all

c) Don’t tell him anything at all .    d) Don’t let him talk at all .

10- Which word has a different sound ?

a) grind                 b) by                     c) boil                   d) sing .

11- I found some money on the way to the park yesterday .

“ Found “ is the opposite of ------------- .

a) held                  b) lost                    c) sold                  d) worn

12- A: “ Would you give this to Reza , please ?

       B: ------------- .

 a) I don’t know    b) Okay               c) I go by bus  d) He lives here

  13- I know that ----------- migrate in autumn .

     a) it                       b) he                   c) they                  d) Amin

  14- I guess that ---------- for a taxi .

     a) he is waiting     b)to wait          c) is waiting    d)are they waiting

  15- Would you ----------- me some tea , please ?

     a) bringing            b) bring            c) brought       d) to bring



آزمون درس هشتم


بهترين گزينه را انتخاب كنيد .                                                                       

2 “ Did you make the cake yesterday ? “          

     “ No it , ------------- tomorrow . “                      

   a) will make          b)makes           c)is made      d) will be made 

  2-  A new lesson -------------- tomorrow .                 

  a) is taught            b) will be taught      c)is teaching     d)will teach


3- The man ----------- to the hospital after the accident  yesterday.

  a) was taken          b) were taken           c)will be taken d) is taken

4- They don’t show the carton tonight . It ----------- tomorrow .

  a) is show              b) will show               c) will be shown d) shows

5- This house ----------- many years ago .

  a) built                   b) is built                   c) will build       d) was build

6- This house ------------ us English next week .

  a) teach                b) will teach         c) will be taught d) are teaching

7- Reza and Akbar were my guests . I was their ------------- .

    a) host                     b) servant                  c) worker            d) maid

8- The time when the sun sets is called ---------------- .

    a) sunshine             b) sunrise                   c) sunset              d)sunny

9- We invited two guests to dinner and we made a big dinner yesterday

  a) We were invited to a big dinner yesterday .

b)We invited a lot of guests for dinner yesterday .

c)The guests waited a long time for the dinner .

d)At a big dinner yesterday , two guests were invited by us .

10- Which word has the sound /u : / ?

 a) book                    b) should                    c) good                 d) cool

11- “ Do you know Carl’s ----------- ? “ Yes , he is an Australian . “

 a) behavior        b) character         c) nationality       d) responsibility

12- I believe the way to learn a foreign language is to learn it in the        country where it ------------- .

 a) speaks            b) spoke               c) is speaking        d) is spoken

13- The word “ ---------- “ differs in its vowel sound from the other three .

   a) fool              b) moon                  c) look                  d) boot

14- The cake ------------- this evening .

    a) will eat        b) is eating              c) will be eaten    d) was eating

15- The car ----------- two months ago .

    a) was bought b) bought               c) is bought        d) will be bough


آزمون درس نهم


بهترين گزينه را انتخاب كنيد .                                                                        

I ---------- in Tabris since 1370 .

a) have lived          b) lived             c) live            d) will live

2- Reza ------------- here for three years .

a) worked              b) has worked  c) works        d) was working

3- I have not seen Amir ----------- last year .

a) from                  b) since             c) for              d) in

4- Nahid ------------ English for one year .

a) studies              b) studied          c) is studying d) has studied

5- I have written my homework ------------ 2hours .

a) since                  b) for                 c) from            d) in

6- ----------- Ali’s father read the newspaper ?

a) Do                     b) Is                   c) Have            d) Has

7- Have the students learned English well ? – Yes , they -------- .

a) do                     b) haven’t          c) are               d) have

8- A: Can I help you ?    B: Yes , they ------------ .

a) it looks nice                                 b) I need a watch

c) it is cheaper                                 d) it is my bag

9- It is not my ----------- to clean the kitchen .

a) duty                  b) ago                 c) grade           d) sense

10- Which word has the sound /ei / ?

a) edge                 b) less                  c) late               d) let


11- I haven’t seen Reza ------------ yesterday .

a) for                    b) since                c) from             d) until

12- I ----------- him two days ago .

a) will visit          b) visited              c) have visited  d) visit

13- They ----------- in Lahijan for two weeks .

a) were                b) are                    c) have been     d) been

14- I --------- this dictionary since 1360 .

a) have                b) had                    c) have had      d) had had

15- How long has your father ------------ Farsi ?

a) taught             b) teach                 c) teaching        d) teaching




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