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آموزش زبان انگلیسی

سوالات نهایی و داخلی درس زبان انگلیسی دبیرستان

سوالات درس 2 سال سوم دبیرستان

سوالات درس 2 سال سوم دبیرستان

این مجموعه از سوالات از همکار محترم آقای داوری است.

لغت : پاسخ صحيح را از بين گزينه های داده شده انتخاب کنيد

1. A stupid class is difficult to teach. They don't understand what one says. The opposite of underlined word is ---------------------

a) silly        b) strong     c) polite      d) clever


2. A: "How much does this book cost?"

    B: "Nothing; it is ---------------------

a) expensive   b) cheap     c) free     d) full


3. All governments spend money on --------------------- to improve their nation's abilities

a) discussion     b) societies    c) education    d) values


4. A: "Do farmers --------------------- any rice in this area?"

    B: "No, here we only grow vegetables."   

a) produce     b) improve      c) employ       d) grow up


5. "Parents make their children's needs ready." Make ready means: ---------------------

a) repair     b) prepare      c) permit     d) realize


6. You have passed the exam successfully ---------------------, you've got the highest score in class.

a) On the other hand    b) As soon as    c) Although    d) In other words


7. The --------------------- in this restaurant is excellent. In fact they do so many things for people.

a) food      b) service       c) scene    d) flight


8. His --------------------- was to finish medical school and become a doctor.

a) purpose     b) degree       c) duty        d) period 


9. A group of people living together according to a system is called a(n) ---------------------

a) farmers         b) nation        c) passengers       d) customers


10. It is fashionable to have short hair nowadays. Fashionable  means: ---------------------

a ) rapid     b) possible      c) common      d) honest



1. clever   2. free   3. education   4. produce   5. prepare 

6. In other words 7. service   8. duty   9. nation    10. common

گرامر: پاسخ صحيح را از بين گزينه های داده شده انتخاب کنيد                                                   

11. Which sentence is wrong?

a) She always insists on learn about theology.

b) I had learned English when I was in high school.

c) Please stop making so much noise.

d) Playing for a long time made him tired.


12. Please remember --------------------- the door when you go out.

a) licked    b) locks    c) locking   d) to lock


13. A: "Are you still interested in --------------------- an essay about the education?"

      B: "Of course, and I've got an idea."

a) write       b) writing      c) to write       d) writes


14. A: "Sorry to keep you --------------------- so long."

      B: "That's all right."

a) wait        b) to wait       c) waiting     d) waited


15. When I went into his office, he stopped and  --------------------- to me.

 a) listening      b) to listen       c) listen           d) listened


16. Mr. Alavi was thinking about --------------------- a new house.

a) buy     b) to buy       c) buys       d) buying


17. The teacher told us that it is necessary --------------------- polite in class.

a) to be       b) being      c) that be       d) be


18. They miss Reza --------------------- them at 10 o'clock each night.

a) called         b) calling        c) to call        d) call


19. She was writing a letter when I entered her room.

      She stopped --------------------- to me.

a) talk        b) talking         c) to talk       d) talked


20. Suddenly everybody stopped ---------------------.There was silence.

a) talk      b) talking          c) to talk         d) talked



11. She always insists on learn about theology. 12. locking  13. writing  14. waiting

15. listened  16. buying  17. to be  18. calling  19. talking  20. talking


با توجه به مفهوم جملات، گزينه های صحيح را انتخاب کنيد.


21. "We find in modern countries a far larger number of people with university degrees than there are jobs for them to fill." We understand from this sentence that ---------------------

a) people in modern countries have many jobs and many degrees

b) there are enough jobs for educated people

c) people want more than one job in modern countries

d) there are fewer jobs than the people with degrees


22. In some villages children aren't sent to school because their parents ---------------------

a) love educated people very much

b) don't know the value of education

c) believe that education is useful

d) aren't very cruel or stupid



21. there are fewer jobs than the people with degrees

22. don't know the value of education


متن زير را بخوانيد و جاهای خالی جملات را با گزینه های داده شده کامل کنید


Few cities in Iran have bilingual Schools. ("Bi" means "two" and "lingual" means "language"). Students in these schools continue their…….(23)……. and learn English at the …..(24)…… Time. Some people like bilingual education, but ……(25)…… don't like it. Those who like it believe that bilingual education helps students …..(26)…. their school work and English teacher. They can get better jobs after finishing high school. People ……(27)……. Bilingual education say, "It is too expensive." In other …..(28)…. it is better to put the money for bilingual programs into English programs. In such programs, everyone will also learn English a lot faster.


23. a. observation      b. education       c. composition       d. attention                      

24. a. some        b. free           c. same         d. one           

25. a. some other        b. another       c. one another       d. the other

26. a. recall       b. receive          c. report             d. realize

27. a. over        b. against          c. beside        d. among

28. a. words       b. grades      c. hands     d. cases



23. education  24. same  25. the other  26. realize  27. against  28. words


کدام کلمه از نظر استرس با دیگر کلمه ها متفاوت است.


29. a. added       b. little         c. city          d. about

30. a. myself        b. after       c. happy      d. father



29. about  30. myself

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